May 15, 2022

Wellness Podcasts We Love to Love All Year Round!


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I'm Ann. when i'm not introverting, I simplify mental health & make it attainable.


Podcasts are amazing tools that can teach you to nourish your life. They can also serve as consistent positive affirmations and/or reminders, cos – let’s face it. We could all use a personal motivator, and podcasts do just that!

Plus, if you work from home most days like us, you can pair your auditory learning with mundane tasks like housework or routine admin tasks to maximize your time.

Even if you aren’t, you can pop in your earbuds/headphones/earpieces (whatever that rocks your boat – as long as you can be respectful towards the people around you) over your commute. Somedays, I love to take unscheduled breaks from work and step out with an episode for a stroll around the block.

Here are some of the wellness and mental health podcasts listened to by our team this year:

  • The Happiness Lab, We love Dr Laurie Santos and her practical takeaways based on the latest scientific research on happiness.
  • The Mental Illness Happy Hour, A podcast hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin, in which he and his guests open up about their mental issues, traumas and personal demons. 
  • Ten Percent Happier, Relatable wisdom designed to help you meet the challenges and opportunities in your daily life.