August 29, 2022

The 2023 Gratitude Planner


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I'm Ann. when i'm not introverting, I simplify mental health & make it attainable.


The past few weeks have been my flow season. It has been a ride that’s been going on and on – and I am still very much in that joyful state of mind.  I took years of studies and research, condensed it, simplified it and poured it out within these few pages. I then translated it out into a portable tool which May Li brought to life with her dreamy artwork, deep knowledge in paper, production and print techniques.  

The artwork were created with our powers (gratitude, PERMA, neuroplasticity, writing and meditation) in mind.

  • Hummingbirds are the perfect messengers of beauty and wonder, reminding us to be grateful for the sweet nectar that is life. 
  • Bumblebees are the ultimate symbol of community and productivity, inspiring us to possess the same spirit of industry to make an impact in this world.
  • The most remarkable beauty in the desert, cactus displays an incredible level of strength and fortitude in the face of adversity, while celebrating life with with an amazing attitude and vivid beauty.
  • We painstakingly transferred May Li’s artwork onto vinyl art paper with pellet textured finish. Which were then carefully wrapped onto the hardcover of our planners.
  • May Li selected additional artwork which were added onto the pages within to continue being inspiring reminders.  
revel 2023 gratitude planner singapore

The content were limited to just 3 sections, because will change calls for effort, it’s rarely complicated.

Monthly fun dates: Instead, we opted to focus on fun dates & activity ideas that are enticing, empowering and growth-oriented.

Daily work-life balance: Clearly defined guidance to balance activities each day – ensures you never are lopsided in your life! Limited space and separate columns for work and life – to ensure balance & fulfilment.

Regular check-in, affirmations and reflections: Monthly meditative questions to reflect on, and celebrated accomplishments.  A new positive affirmation every 4 days ensures you remain on track on your gratitude journey.

Diverse, inclusive, engaging, and available to all. We aim to generate sales through the planners to enable us to serve a greater audience. Here are some measures we are taking to be applicable to all. 

  • Omission of ‘traditional’ holidays to respect the diverse family structures, support systems and individual beings.
  • Monthly empowering freebies online for everyone to download and remain on track with their journey. Free downloads are available to all – not limited to those who’ve invested in our planners.
  • In-person workshops through cafes who have so kindly opened their doors to our mission in empowering our community.
  • Free webinars online for people who are keen on DIYing their way through.
  • Corporate workshops for employee wellbeing.

Our carefully curated and created products and services at Revel have changed the lives of thousands of people. I hope you’ll take a look around, connect with us, and join our journey through gratitude for more inspiration.

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Ann Thomas

Co-creator of the 2023 Gratitude Planner, and Founder of Revel, Ann is a passionate advocate of Positive Psychology. Pioneering the retail of wellness journals – dubbed the ‘one-stop journal shop’, Ann is on her mission to simplify wellness by making it easy to understand, and making solutions easy to access.