June 18, 2022

She’s reading “How to Be a Moonflower”


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I'm Ann. when i'm not introverting, I simplify mental health & make it attainable.


She’s reading “How to Be a Moonflower”, the new book from bestselling author Katie Daisy that celebrates the magic and mystery of the world at night.

Discover the world that awakens after everyone else has gone to sleep! Join her on a journey from dusk to dawn, complete with quotes, poems, meditations, field guides to different nocturnal flora and fauna, and charts that map out the cosmos. From night-blooming flowers to cosy campfires, from moon baths to meteor showers, Katie Daisy’s lush illustrations capture the beauty that comes to life in the darkness.Recommended for: free spirits, art and nature lovers, tarot readers and moon worshippers