May 14, 2022

Revel Singapore Launches Pilot to Reduce Ecommerce Waste


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Thanks to our eCommerce business, we are acutely aware of the amount of packaging that goes with every item we package. This is almost a necessity given how we have very little control (if any at all!) over how our packages are handled once they are picked up by our chosen courier companies. Revel sits squarely in our goal to drive a sustainable future for our planet. Aside from supporting businesses that support sustainable measures in producing their products, we’ve been actively seeking and testing ideas on reducing and reusing materials.

Back in 2019, we converted our office into a mini retail space to encourage our shoppers living in Singapore to opt for self-collection on weekends. By doing so, they will help support the mission of reducing eCommerce packaging waste, and prove that a sustainable approach is possible.

This pilot initiative got somewhat complicated during the COVID19 pandemic lockdowns and measures.

Growing concerns

As more people return to their fixed working hours, we have seen an upward spike in packaging materials. In the past 4 weeks alone, we have received 2 reports of damaged parcels and/or contents.

In a recent casual survey done via conversations with our customers who opted to self-collect their purchases, four out of five said they would be more encouraged to self-collect their purchases if there were special perks.

Everyone’s A Winner!

Internally called ‘The Lucky Draw’ (Primarily because we haven’t brainstormed a witty name for it, yet. Ideas, anyone?), we hope to encourage more individuals to make a difference by opting to self-collect their orders on weekends and support a more sustainable lifestyle. The Lucky Draw (launching June ’22) will provide free mystery gifts – which they’d pick from a basket of pre-wrapped goodies.

As a retailer, we acknowledge our role in making eCommerce grow to be more environmentally sustainable. We love forward to building a more caring and supportive world with you.