September 5, 2022

How Gratitude Works to Change Your Life Holistically For the Better


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I'm Ann. when i'm not introverting, I simplify mental health & make it attainable.


What: Gratitude is the choice we make to focus on & celebrate the gifts found in our everyday experiences – and the choice we make to not resent what we lack.

Benefits: With consistent practice, gratitude improves your overall quality of life.

Social benefits of Gratitude:

  • You become more likeable
  • Your relationships will deepen
  • Less self-conscious = Reduced anxiety
  • Job satisfaction, resulting in you being a better co-worker, manager, and/or leader

Physical benefits of Gratitude:

  • Increase in energy
  • Sleep better
  • Improves heart health
  • Reduces symptoms of depression = Making it easier to navigate life through it
  • Reduces your blood pressure
  • Facilitates recovery from addiction
  • Better gut health thanks to our gut-brain connection (psychological stress suppresses beneficial bacteria)

Psychological benefits of Gratitude:

  • Resilience: Recover from negative life events faster
  • Happier: Reduces toxic emotions
  • Reduces loneliness even if/when you are alone as it increases your level of self-respect and self-love

Cognitive benefits of Gratitude:

  • Increase in alertness 
  • Rewires your brain: changes the molecular structure of the brain in ways that make us both healthier and happier.
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Ann Thomas

Co-creator of the 2023 Gratitude Planner, and Founder of Revel, Ann is a passionate advocate of Positive Psychology. Pioneering the retail of wellness journals – dubbed the ‘one-stop journal shop’, Ann is on her mission to simplify wellness by making it easy to understand, and making solutions easy to access.