February 24, 2022

Gifts that Inspire Kindness

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Kindness Edition

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I’ll say it first. I’m too shy to be as kind as I’d like to be.
Looking to cultivate, share or express kindness?
Here are my top picks!


My favourite type of kindness comes from people who have the courage to reach out when times are tough. They know full well that they might be told off, pushed away, or be ridiculed for not knowing what to say. But they reach out anyways.

If you are looking for ideas, try offering kind words of empathy to help them realise that you are trying to understand so you can be helpful to their needs.

$6.70 SGD

Kindness to Self

I remember exactly what I did when the first shipment of these came through our doors. Despite having seen it online, it was only when I physically experienced this that its quote on the cover spoke to me. So I quickly whipped out my mobile to snap a picture of it as a pick-me-up for a friend.

Like a pocket full of sunshine (although available in numerous other colours) this journal is the embodiment of kindness to self.

$30 SGD


Positive affirmation is something I struggle with teaching. It’s so easy to abuse it. And when abused, it loses its function. Yet, when applied with intention and mindfulness, positive affirmation tools are life-changing.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Here’s one I send out often as a #justbecause. Just because I care. Just because the world could use this reminder. Just because.

$6 SGD

Cultivating Kindness

Okay, I’ll say it first. Most times, I’m too shy to be as kind as I’d like to be. Whether to kindness to myself or unto others – I struggle with building up the bravery. And occasionally, when I finally gather my nerves into a pretty bundle, it’s too late to share that act of kindness.

Kindness, like almost everything else, can be a work-in-progress. A habit we take time to cultivate until we finally reach a point where it becomes a way of life.

The Kindness journal is a simple way to help you add a little more kindness into your life and the lives of those around you. Designed for easy reading, with sections to brainstorm & write, plus a bucketload of resources, tips and advice, this beautiful book will help you reflect on the ways you can help others.

$66 SGD