March 25, 2022

Be Mindful of These When Gifting for Pregnancy

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Gifting a pregnant person can be tricky.
Aside from the question of addressing (or not) gender, we’re a melting pot of traditions, customs, and values that are unique to everyone.
Here are some points to consider carefully before choosing a gift.


Some baby gifts – especially journals are heirloom gifts meant to be passed onto the child in later years. Unless you know that Mum or Dad definitely want a specific colour, neutrals are safe and classy.

Pregnancy & Baby Journal, in Sage
$64 SGD


When shopping for a pregnancy gift in the 3rd trimester, it might be wise to pick a journal that also includes the baby’s first few years. Most pregnant persons appreciate the ability to merge their pregnancy and baby journals.

Pregnancy & Baby Journal, in Grey
$63 SGD


Pregnancy can be the most beautiful, but also the most devastating experience. 1 in 4 pregnancies fail – and while most failed pregnancies occur within the 1st trimester, there are few that get affected by complications later in the term. Some 2.6 million third trimester stillbirths worldwide occur every year as well.

It helps to get to know your recipient before diving into a gift that can be used for the baby.

Pregnancy-specific journals (that don’t address the arrival of the baby) are ideal gifts for parents whose traditions don’t encourage celebrating the newborn until its arrival – and they are a safe option for parents-to-be who might be worried about failed pregnancies.

Growing You, A Pregnancy Journal
$64 SGD