May 16, 2022

Corporate Gifters Have Jumped Onto The Wellness Trend

Gift Guides

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Year-end gifting is months away, but we’ve been keeping an eye on the latest emerging trends for the months to come.

We first introduced our free consultations – a service that allows both individuals and corporate representatives to pick our brains for gift ideas. Gifting wellness products can be tricky – and the key lies in understanding your intention, recipients’ needs, and budget. Since its launch, we’ve helped hundreds of people pick out clever solutions befitting their lifestyle’s demands.

With help from consultations, search and purchase data from our corporate division, we’ve rounded up these popular and thoughtful gifting trends.

We do your research to ensure that what you choose and buy has reputable data backing it or extensive user reviews to validate the claims.

Wellness Journals

Guided Journals can have calming effects, as we found. Try our wildly popular The Five Minute Journal to enhance your team’s experience of being kind to self and others. Or check out The Anti-Anxiety Therapy Notebook.

Ceramic Mugs

Morning coffee is instantly a motivating experience with our clever mugs with inspiring reminders.


Wellness isn’t just green juices and yoga classes, it’s a way of life. And as cliché as that sounds, it’s true. So why not make this year your team’s ‘the year of you’ with our new favourite, 365 Days of Wellness?