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A fast-paced world is not everyone’s cup of tea. There will be some who love the thrill of a rat race, but on the other hand,  you’ll also come across people who feel overwhelmed instead. And this lost feeling is totally justified – after all, we’re part of this drudgery where everyone is expected to […]

Anxiety and Journaling – How Journaling Can Help Manage Emotional Triggers

Gratitude is the choice we make to focus on & celebrate the gifts found in our everyday experiences – and the choice we make to not resent what we lack.

How Gratitude Works to Change Your Life Holistically For the Better

Omission of ‘traditional’ holidays to respect the diverse family structures, support systems and individual beings.

The 2023 Gratitude Planner

revel 2023 gratitude planner singapore

There are many ‘regular’ words in my vocabulary which my son finds vulgar, rude or offensive. “Speak nicer words, Mummy,” he’d say.  So I glad put in a lot of effort to remove them from my daily usage. Thanks to this, I tend to speak a lot nicer and kinder than I used to. Neuroplasticity […]

When Science Is In Dialog With Your Work-Life Balance. + Free e-Journal!

The PERMA Model  represents the five core elements of happiness and well-being. It is natural and human of us to continuously seek for what makes us happy, regardless of our age, orientation, and status in life. 

By Your Powers Combined: Gratitude + Neuroplasticity + Meditation + Writing therapy + PERMA

Cool, right? It’s wildly popular among productivity and habit-building solutions. Many products and ideas have been built upon neuroplasticity simply because it works.

How to Use Neuroplasticity with Writing Therapy to Build Healthier Habits


2 Primary Usages: Let’s explore some simple techniques and exercises you can use in your own personal writing therapy.

Writing Therapy: To Cultivate Gratitude, You First Need to Understand Yourself

The Lucky Draw (launching June ’22) will provide free mystery gifts – which they’d pick from a basket of pre-wrapped goodies.

Revel Singapore Launches Pilot to Reduce Ecommerce Waste

When I was 8, I helped my Mum read my sister’s diary. Not a proud moment. Some years later, when I started reading Sweet Valley High, Elizabeth Wakefield inspired me to start keeping a journal. In fact, she’s the original inspiration behind my cream-coloured bedroom, which took me another 20-odd years to achieve finally. Just […]

Firstborns Have it Tough

What They Forgot to Teach You at School. How I discovered this book, what it’s taught me, and my Mum’s strange addiction to Tiktok. #boomers

Your school never teach?!


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