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When we think about our possessions, we often consider only their utility value—but there’s so much more depth to what they mean to us than just “usefulness.”

How To See The World With Fresh Eyes: Visualize Everything You’re Grateful For


They’re not famous and they don’t have their own TV shows or Twitter accounts—but they’re no less important.

The Humble People Who Make A World Of Difference


When my mind feels like it’s about to burst from all the thoughts running through it, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath helps me calm down and focus on what’s right in front of me.

How I Calm Down When I Can’t


Life is a marathon, not a sprint—but sometimes it’s hard to keep our eyes on the prize when we’re running through mud in flip-flops.

Need a Little Help With Your Daily Jiggly Wiggly?


And think about how lucky we are to have this moment: a quiet morning before the day starts, enjoying a cup of coffee on a beautiful morning.

I Love My Friends, But Really, There’s Nothing Like a Little Me-Time With My Coffee


Grace is a big word. But what if you don’t have any religious beliefs? What if you don’t believe in God? Does that mean you can’t be good to other people? Does it mean you can’t be kind? Does it mean you can’t show grace to those around you?

The Meaning Of Secular Grace


What if I told you that instead of feeling miserable about getting things wrong, you could use them as an opportunity to learn something new? And then even use what you learned to try again and make things even better than before?

The Worst Thing That Can Happen This Week Might Be The Best Thing That Can Happen To You


Overwhelmed by life? Need a little pick-me-up? Gratitude is your answer for everything and everyone. I’ll show you how to build the right gratitude attitude, and I give you an opportunity to start practicing right away.

Transform Your Perspective with Gratitude


What do things bring to you? Do they bring out the best in you? Do they make your day? Do they bring a smile to your face and a skip in your step? Are they something that makes your heart happy and gives you goosebumps when you think about them? If so, then why not […]

Things That Bring You Joy & What You Can Do To Be Less Grumpy


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” And if you’re like me, you’ve probably said it a few times too. But did you know that saying isn’t just about the squeaky wheel getting what it wants? It’s also about how complaining can be harmful to your health and relationships. If […]

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease & Complaining Can Harm Your Health


You can create an affirmation that works specifically for your needs and goals, which is great because it makes them feel more personalized (and therefore more effective).

Gratitude Affirmations: The Hidden Power Behind These Little Quotes


Why you should say ‘Thank You’ more, and why we don’t.

Egoism’s Curse: Why We Don’t Say Thank You


Why You Should Say 'Thank You' More, And Why We Don't

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