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This year, more than in previous years, kindness and benevolence have been emphasised. The report’s authors write that “year after year we have found that generosity is a meaningful predictor of happiness.”

What Makes a Country Happy? World Happiness Report 2023

The natural world can help us recover from trauma, find our way back to ourselves, and remember who we are at our core.

Musings After 14 Days of Intentionally Spending Time In Nature

And that’s not good enough for me anymore. Today is about making sure I’m taking care of myself first—which means recognizing when someone does something nice so that I can let them know how much it means to me!

A New Ritual & An Invitation To Join Me

We love these forward-thinking makers, designers, and business owners who are constantly rethinking the fundamentals to enhance your journaling experience.

The Businesses Secretly Feeding Your Self-Development


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